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The FlyGirls

        The BeastMaster FlyGirls were established in 2011 by Donald Carter Sr.

"The BeastMaster" and Co-Founder Mayling Billups.

The FlyGirls are a group of entrepreneur/independent ladies whom united together to increase the "Crazy Classy Cool" to the BeastMaster Kennel Club Movement.

                  1st Lady
Ms D Dangerous

   1st Lady  Ms.D.Dangerous. A Native from Southern California is a veteran Bartender Graduate of National Bartenders School. Enjoys Modeling, Graphic Designing and being a Beautician. 

  Ms.D.Dangerous is a Lyracist/Songstress and also an inspiring up and coming Indie Artist. 1st Lady has two Albums released entitled, Who Am I #1 & #2. Her children are her motivation. Ms. D.Dangerous believes that keeping positivity in today's music nourishes the female soul.


  1st Lady Ms.D.Dangerous, became a BeastMaster FlyGirl model  and BeastMaster Kennel Club member caretaker after adopting her very own Bully, 'PR'  BeastMaster's Samantha Diamond in 2012. Since bonding with her four legged companion, Ms. D.Dangerous says, " Life with my Samantha has been exciting and a life changing experience.

Objective Focus: Expand quality music, training and bully breed across the continent.






T.M.G 2017


Lady Mayling

   Lady Mayling is a SoCal native and

UC Graduate, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her hobbies consist of being a adventure junky and world traveler.

   In 2009 to 2012, Lady Mayling joined

JE. Johnson Entertainment LLC to bring celebrity music artist to their fans at V20 Nightclub in Long Beach, Ca.

   In 2012, she founded The BeastMaster

FlyGirls with co-founder Donald Carter Sr.

adding Crazy Classy Cool to BeastMaster Kennel Club Family.

   In 2015, Lady Mayling became a BeastMaster Kennel Club Member, after adopting "PR" BM/Malia's Shamgar Lym

a.k.a Shamgar The Bullyas a surprise gift for her companion The Real Fresh.

Puppy Goals: Service Dog and

                       Grand Champion Show

1st Lady DS Natty

   1st Lady Natty is a Miami, Florida native, certified Loctician and business owner of Natty Impressions.

The 1st Lady's motto, "Add some love to your locs."

   A US Air Force Veteran and full time mother who enjoys traveling, dancing, poetry and literally a carnival baby at heart.

   In 2012, 1st Lady Natty linked up and expanded the BeastMaster Fly Girl's

Crazy, Classy, Cool Down-South.

   In 2013, Lady Natty adopted

"PR" BM & Hezz's Ava Link Up Down Sth and joined BeastMaster Kennel Club Family. The 1st Lady Down-South says, "International Quality is her main objective when it comes to the Bully Breed.

   An entrepreneur at heart,

1st Lady Natty became a Master Broker in transportation in 2014.

Objective Views:Family First, taking the Bully Breed internationally to the top.


   Mz.B.W.BornWild, is a native from Southern California, a Sagitarian star, whose career  is on the uprise as  an indi-Artist. After graduating from Quartz Hill High school, she started a girl duo group with Zamora, called, "Self -Titled".  Her hobbies include, writing music, getting tattoos, dancing, modeling and chillin with family.

   B.W.BornWild was also featured with , Dominican Republics Artist, Problema Lirical called "Shottas" and  currently working on her debut project, with her anticipated singles called,

"No Matter" and  "20WON" soon to drop with BOSSGRIND Productions.

   FlyGirl Mz. B.w. BornWild says working with Scott Vera as her photographer and videographer has has a tremendous impact on her music.

   This talented young lady linked up with The BeastMaster, & 1st Lady, Ms.D.Dangerous, to be apart of the BeastMasterFlyGirls Movement.

Crazy Classy Cool

   Her objective is to network, add to events and build more relationships in the music industry to further her career.




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