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   Welcome to
The Beastatory
BeastMaster Kennel  Club  Family Mission

Welcome to "The Beastatory" of BeastMaster Kennel Club Family

established in 2003 by Founder/President Donald Carter Sr. "The BeastMaster"

 Co-Founder Ronald Carter Sr. and Vice President Rhonda "Short Fuse" Wallace.

In 2011, BeastMaster Kennel Club Family expanded DownSouth to Canton, MS., Miami, FL., Atlanta, GA. and Baytown, TX. by Founders Michael Robinson and Hezron Morris with Co-Founders Kelvin Wiz Blalock and Greg Jackson.

BeastMaster Kennel Club Family is primarily a training and breeding foundation, it is a family oriented concern and effort built around a dog owner's membership. The kennel members take pride in the healthy caring, nourishing and most importantly, proper handling of puppies and dogs.

BeastMaster Kennel Club Family qualities stem from puppies produced with the fundamental formats of unlimited obedience and personalized protection training.

Originally from the family of LA Master K9, founded by Malcolm and Mac with over 30 years of professional dog training experience. The BeastMaster revolutionized "The Craft" and pursued having a bully family breed with quality pedigree, dog work ability, great temperament and conformation to complete the home and family life style.

The BeastMaster seized the opportunity of accomplishing this endeavor  in 2003, when meeting John Anderson of Stone Blue Pits

 Being very impressed by John's American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) line up of " You Can Call Me Mister", "Trigg", "Strawberry Blossom" and "Me Myself & Irene" with bloodlines consisting of either Gaff, Grimloc and or Ruffian pedigree  an old school quality at its best. Registered under Purple Ribbon UKC, AKC and or ADBA. This APBT Bully Breed had proven to be the quality foundation to launch BeastMaster Kennel Club.

The BeastMaster adopted "Mr. Blue Beast", "Pike", "Ms. Mini Raw No-Cut" and "Me Myself & Irene...

BeastMaster Kennel Family was established.

BeastMaster Kennel Members apply basic techniques of sit, lay, stay, heel, etc... with verbal and sign commands coupled with obedience, and protection training to unleash the strong union between master and canine.

BeastMaster Kennel companions are UKC, AKC, ADBA, USBR and or Bully Pedia registered. The Kennel Family is committed to raising, training and loving the American Bull Terrier.

BeastMaster Kennel Family guarantee their breed in receiving the healthiest attention, positive reinforcements and a nourishing training environment.

The unbreakable union that strengthens between master and canine is phenomenal. An obedient companion that obeys and respects its master, is an unbelievable comrade.


Thank you for visiting

BeastMaster Kennel  Club Family

Founded in 2003 and Dedicated to Training and Breeding This Country's Best

Bully Lines Today.


 Founder/President: The BeastMaster

  1st Lady FlyGirl: Ms. D. Dangerous

               and Kennel Family

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